0.10.1 Release

This is the first public 0.10 release (and the first public release of the new antagonist artwork!).

As always, feedback is welcome! In particular, interested to know what people think of the artwork. In particular, following up on some Discord feedback: for those who play with a male-bodied antagonist, would you like to have a more masculine variant?

For Patrons, this is just a minor update to fix some bugs, no new content since 0.10.0.


  • Fixes:
    • Fix a bug that meant if you made a new save, saved and then loaded your stats got messed up. Unfortunately I can't fix old saves affected by this. (This was due to save upgrades being applied by mistake to new saves.)
    • Fix a crash in the “Intimacy” scene.
    • Spelling/grammar fixes.
    • Fixed a few places where the antagonist wasn't being shown in scenes where they should have been.

And changes from 0.10.0:

New Content:

  • Added a new scene “Intimacy”.
  • Added a new plot thread “Classroom heat”:
    • Added a new scene “Heating up”.
    • Added a new scene “Cooling off”.
    • Added a new scene “Boiling point”.
    • Added a new scene “Relief”.
  • Added a new scene “Well, like that…”. _ Updates:
  • Replaced the old placeholder art with custom artwork for the antagonist sprites (finally!).
  • Added poses and outfits for the antagonist to old scenes. This has been done simply for now, but will continue to be tweaked in future releases. If you notice any jarring moments, please do leave feedback.
  • Added new Patrons into credits.
  • Fixes:
    • Spelling/grammar fixes.
  • Known Issues:
    • Saves are probably going to break in weird ways due to some script changes Ren'Py seems to be struggling with. Sorry, but probably best to use a fresh save for this version.
    • You can magic a toy out of nowhere because I thought I'd implemented a scene I hadn't in an earlier release. For now I just removed the need to actually have it so the content isn't blocked.
  • Removed:
    • Removed the terrible old placeholder graphics from the first big scene in preparation for the next art drop (note this probably won't be next release, but this has been in far too long and now is as good a time as any to remove it).
  • Missing from this release:
    • Still no Android version, the new art ate the time I was going to look into this for. I'm really hoping to get it sorted soon.


sculptor-0.10.1-linux.tar.bz2 34 MB
Feb 01, 2020
sculptor-0.10.1-mac.zip 28 MB
Feb 01, 2020
sculptor-0.10.1-win.zip 30 MB
Feb 01, 2020

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