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This is an adult fantasy game intended for adults, with lots of sexual content.

Sculptor is a visual novel where the player feminizes their former bully.
The base scenario can be set up as appeals to the player - both the player character and the target of the game can have their gender identity (pronouns) and biological sex (genitals) changed to suit the preference of the player.

This is an early version of the game, with only placeholder art.  We unfortunately had issues with our artist and are currently looking for a new one.

If you enjoy the game, please support us in developing it further. (Note that while contributions via itch.io are still appreciated, they are not connected to Patreon and won't give you access to Patreon rewards—e.g: early access to versions—so we recommend backing us on Patreon if you can—you can always cancel later if you don't want payments ongoing).

An important point to make is that this game starts by portraying a deeply unhealthy relationship built on abuse of two different kinds. It isn't finished yet, and the nature of an unfinished work is that it can't have a whole message. I personally believe that artists are responsible for what they produce and the messages in your work, and I would like to be clear that the game is a portion of a greater whole at this point, and the nature of a story told from the perspective of a flawed protagonist is that it can't put all events into perspective as soon as they happen. I hope people will trust that the story will aim to resolve this in a way that is satisfying to the player and doesn't shy away from delving into the issues the characters have, and that their relationship has.

If you have any feedback, you can get in touch via twitter (https://twitter.com/DiscardedUnion) or Email (DiscardedUnion@protonmail.com).


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I was surprised at how much I liked this--the dialogue is just lighthearted and simple enough that it's not a chore to read like some adult visual novel games. Though it's hard not to want to be able to be the submissive yourself; I don't know if that's within the scope of this project.


Glad you are enjoying it! 

I'm afraid we definitely won't be writing for being submissive as the player—there are lots of great games out there that go that route and we really want to keep a tight focus for Sculptor.


Great game, I really like the cute art style :)