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This is an adult fantasy game intended for adults, with lots of sexual content.

Sculptor is a visual novel where the player feminizes their former bully.
The base scenario can be set up as appeals to the player - both the player character and the target of the game can have their gender identity (pronouns) and biological sex (genitals) changed to suit the preference of the player.

This is an early version of the game, with only partial art.  As the game is developed there will be more artwork and specific artwork for scenes.

If you enjoy the game, please support us in developing it further. (Note that while contributions via itch.io are still appreciated, they are not connected to Patreon and won't give you access to Patreon rewards—e.g: early access to versions—so we recommend backing us on Patreon if you can—you can always cancel later if you don't want payments ongoing).

An important point to make is that this game starts by portraying a deeply unhealthy relationship built on abuse of two different kinds. It isn't finished yet, and the nature of an unfinished work is that it can't have a whole message. I personally believe that artists are responsible for what they produce and the messages in your work, and I would like to be clear that the game is a portion of a greater whole at this point, and the nature of a story told from the perspective of a flawed protagonist is that it can't put all events into perspective as soon as they happen. I hope people will trust that the story will aim to resolve this in a way that is satisfying to the player and doesn't shy away from delving into the issues the characters have, and that their relationship has.

If you have any feedback, you can get in touch via twitter (https://twitter.com/DiscardedUnion) or Email (DiscardedUnion@protonmail.com).


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Great game, loved the Temeraire reference.

Oh boi, this concept is amazing! Can't wait to see more!


i like the game but i often found myself wanting to be in the shoes of the other character

maybe after you finish this game you could make 'sculpture' (example title) that is the same story but you play the other character?

if that isnt something you are comfortable creating then dont worry about it

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I absolutely love this game, there are so many choices. I think this might be one of my favorites. 

I think that there could be another level of depth if Sam was able to become the player's dominant, such as in the makeup event, it would be cool if a willful enough Sam was able to refuse getting the makeup put on them, making the player the only one with makeup. Just a thought.

I love the abundance of choices/routes, and events! Easily one of my fav games on itch.io

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I'm actually curious if it's possible to make Sam the dominant with the MC being male...I've tried every gender pairing I can think of and haven't found a thing, with Sam being male and female.


No, the roles are set up so the protagonist is always dominant. Adding a switch route is something I may do if there is demand for it, but it would be a big thing to add and it would be after the main game is complete.

A switch route would be amazing :D

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Bug report

On antagonist submissive route and selecting "you shouldnt listen to him" after the dad argument

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/scripts/core/family/first_time_seeing.rpy", line 158, in <module>
AttributeError: 'Target' object has no attribute 'effect'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "script.rpyc", line 18, in script call
  File "scripts/plot.rpyc", line 46, in script call
  File "helpers/09events.rpyc", line 216, in script call
  File "helpers/09events.rpyc", line 225, in script call
  File "scripts/core/family/first_time_seeing.rpyc", line 141, in script call
  File "scripts/core/family/first_time_seeing.rpyc", line 158, in script
  File "/home/gareth/Installs/renpy-sdk/renpy/ast.py", line 914, in execute
  File "/home/gareth/Installs/renpy-sdk/renpy/python.py", line 2028, in py_exec_bytecode
  File "game/scripts/core/family/first_time_seeing.rpy", line 158, in <module>
AttributeError: 'Target' object has no attribute 'effect'


Thank you for the report. This is just a straight up bug that will be fixed in the next release, for now pressing ignore should let you continue and work-around the issue.


Love it! This is a delightfully sexy and erotic story. Despite its unfinished state, and the taboo nature of the fantasy, the characters are already well developed and the narrative avoids being tasteless. Looking forward to seeing where you take this :)

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I found this game a really long time ago, and to be honest, this is one of the few games I'm glad I found while incomplete (And the main reason I made an account here). It's interesting (As someone who did suffer bullying, altough it was pretty light compared to this MC, it's nothing less than interesting and a little satisfying), it does not feel that heavy compared to others vn, and, for a change, you are not the submissive one.

 I'm honestly glad i found this, and hope to see this turn into a great game.

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I really love this game and so glad I found this game!! This game is seriously a rare jewel that reaches outside the norm but makes it all the more worthy to jump into! Being able to change aspects in a slow but conforming manner (most games I've played jumps you right into it with transforming and forcing it to fast mostly changing features into being the opposite sex from some magic and accidents and the character dealing with it and not just from their set gender or how they want to be perceived so your game is kind of refreshing to have and you can sense the struggle with the antagonist being on the recieving end of perspectives instead of the protagonist only changing their mindset of how they feel but its not that I haven't found a few gender and sexuality enlightenments its just really hard to find some slowly processing the confusion and even the feelings of two composing "enemies" having hidden feelings that most rather not explore ). The fact of different aspects of the two characters and gender choices in the beginning makes it more realistic too by showing how the anatagonist trying to play it off with people around them just to cover up their confusion to their feelings makes it more exciting and watching them struggle with it making for a masochistic and sadistic feel to it even though a hint of blackmail starting it all so it discovers different kinks as well. I'm sure their are people out their that possibly struggle with how they feel but want to stay in the "popular field" just to stay in the "norm" which shows that people should just be able to find their own kinks, sexuality, and how they want to be percieved as because deep down we all have these feelings even without realising it or even ignore it because others find it wrong. Oddly enough I think I have discovered a small sadistic side to me that I didn't even realised I
had from this game.  (๑✪ᆺ✪๑)

First of I love the game and the second thing i got a weird message called traceback I did the Christmas event and it appeared did anyone else get this message?

Sounds like you ran into a bug, sorry about that. If you can reproduce it, please send me a screenshot or copy/paste of the whole message to discardedunion@protonmail.com. The good news is that the Christmas event is the last event in the game (for now) so you shouldn't have missed any content.


I was surprised at how much I liked this--the dialogue is just lighthearted and simple enough that it's not a chore to read like some adult visual novel games. Though it's hard not to want to be able to be the submissive yourself; I don't know if that's within the scope of this project.


Glad you are enjoying it! 

I'm afraid we definitely won't be writing for being submissive as the player—there are lots of great games out there that go that route and we really want to keep a tight focus for Sculptor.


Great game, I really like the cute art style :)