0.2.0 Release

We are extremely happy to announce the 0.2.0 release of Sculptor!

So what is in this release? Unfortunately no artwork yet—our artist is hard at work, but simply hasn't been on the team long enough yet. 0.3 is planned to include some of that art, so look forward to that!

In general, this build contains a lot of fixes and some new scenes, expanding the intro. These scenes (as with a lot of the intro) are quite wide (some choices make the scenes totally different), so do give some different routes a try.

In more detail:

  - New content:

    - Added a new scene on Day 4 After School ("Observation")

    - Added a new scene on Day 5 Morning ("Rain")

    - Added a new scene on Day 5 After School ("The Empty Classroom")

    - Add a very short temporary tutorial segment to the start of the game, explaining reaction icons until we do something better.

  - Updates:

    - Slightly reworked a few small sections in the intro.

  - Bug Fixes:

    - Fix various grammar and spelling mistakes.

    - Fix bug where the contact links didn't work (including the one to report bugs, sigh).

    - Fix a bug where speech backgrounds were incorrectly being cached with the default character names in.

    - Made sure we don't go to sixth form at the weekend.


sculptor-0.2.0-win.zip 26 MB
Sep 28, 2019
sculptor-0.2.0-linux.tar.bz2 30 MB
Sep 28, 2019
sculptor-0.2.0-mac.zip 24 MB
Sep 28, 2019

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