0.3.1 Release

First of all, an apology: the plan was to have the custom artwork in this release of the game, but unfortunately our artist's day job called them in over the weekend and they simply couldn't complete the art in time for this release. We will be launching another minor release before 0.4 with the artwork added in as soon as it is ready. I'm sorry for over-promising on that front.

With that said, 0.3.1 is here!

If you are a patron, this release is largely the same as 0.3.0. As such, you can also use the 0.3.0 Patron patch with this release.


  - New:

    - Patron credits.

  - Fixes:

    - A few small script errors.


  - Missing from this release:

    - The first new artwork will drop in a minor release after this, as due to day-job issues our artist wasn't able to finish the work in time for the release.

    - There is no inventory view for now. This will be added in later releases.

    - There are no patron credits in this version—these will be added for the public release, so no last-minute patrons are left out.

  - New Features:

    - Dyslexic-friendly font toggle in settings.

    - Patreon backers can access the toolkit, allowing them to directly manipulate core game stats.

      - To use this, download the sculptor-0.3.0-patron.zip file as well as the release for your platform, and place patron.rpa in the game directory.

  - New Content:

    - Added a new scene shared between the routes ("Makeup")

    - Added a new scene for the arousal route ("Walking In")

    - Added a new scene for the obedience route ("Reining In")

    - Added a new scene for the relationship route ("Leaning In")

    - Added a new set of small scenes ("A Job")

  - Updates:

    - Switched to new logo.

    - Added VFX to "Rain" scene.

    - Rewrote "Route Pick" scene.

  - Placeholder Content:

    - Added new placeholder backgrounds that have a little more fidelity and exist.

    - The "Nothing for now." option in "Makeup" is disabled as it would just end the game for now.

  - Known Issues:

    - This release will likely break compatibility with old saves. You can try them, but I suspect they won't work as expected. This shouldn't happen often, but when core systems change it can be inevitable.

    - The toolbox can completely break things (and also get you access to some content that isn't accessible normally), so be aware that things might go wrong if you make drastic changes with it.

    - The cash earned animation sometimes doesn't hide properly.


sculptor-0.3.1-linux.tar.bz2 31 MB
Oct 11, 2019
sculptor-0.3.1-mac.zip 26 MB
Oct 11, 2019
sculptor-0.3.1-win.zip 27 MB
Oct 11, 2019

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